How to monetize YouTube channel

If your passion is YouTube and want to earn money through YouTube then you can monetize your YouTube channel…

For earning money, firstly you need to monetize your YouTube channel and then you can apply monetize for each videos.

Let us come across the steps required to monetize the YouTube Channel:-

  • Open “”
  • Now login using the Gmail I’d through which the account has been created.
  • Further, click on the profile icon & click on MY CHANNEL option.
  • Then you will be redirected to the dashboard of YouTube where you have to click on CREATOR STUDIO option.
  • Under Channel option Click on STATUS AND PRIVACY.
  • You will see the Monetization tab where you have to click on ENABLE button.
  • Check all the Terms & Conditions of YouTube and click on I AGREE.
  • Your YouTube has been successfully monetized.

Afterwards Monetize each video of your channel to get money from YouTube.

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